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“Avyaya Welfare foundation do everything for providing skills in various fiels to the needy, mainstreaming marginalized street children, making low-literate youth employable and empowering peoples.”


K.B Agarwal

Founder & Chairperson

Akshya Agarwal


I. Mission
The scientific, educational, and charitable mission of Avyaya welfare foundation is to provide the skills to the needy, Platform to work, and help the society to provide the best knowledge in particular field.

The vision of Avyaya welfare foundation is to grow an idea not an organization. To provide skill development for the employment to the person who wants to implement it on various projects towards development of nation. As a nonprofit organization, Avyaya welfare foundation relies on input from the Members, Volunteers, Board members and particularly people working all together for the skill development in society.

“Avyaya Welfare foundation does everything for providing educational to the needy, making low- literate youth employable and empowering peoples. Its motto is to support needy children and women, to provide social welfare, health assistance and guidance in remote rural areas to uplift the educational and economic standards of the deprived and weaker sections of the society for the upliftment and welfare of masses, to work. We help those people who need respect, love and commitment with the aim not to deliver charity but to empower them to better their own lot.”

II. Purpose
This agreement is to establish a cooperative relationship between Avyaya welfare foundation and to further the mission stated above.
• To grow as an idea, not just an organization.
• To implement and coordinate various projects towards development.
• To make an effort for the overall development.
• To provide skill development for the employment or entrepreneurship
Membership Agreement: Avyaya welfare Foundation
• To implement a job oriented and labor based education system: establish, manage, and run such education institution for meeting the needs and welfare of every section of society.
• To generate the opportunity of employment for the peoples and enhance their working skills.

III. Annual Meeting
The Annual Membership Meeting is held every year, at which members learn about the progress of Avyaya welfare foundation, discuss its future direction and analyze year work. The meeting also provides a forum for sharing knowledge among knowledgeable people at the panel. Participation in the annual meeting is a vital part of contributing to the development of upcoming year and all organizations are invited to send a delegate to the meeting.

VI. Emphasis
The emphasis is to skill the youth in such a way that they get employment through our trainings. We have collaborated with companies in different fields to make people learn what ever field they want to, anybody who wants to learn something; we welcome them. We focus on providing trainings in any possible fields to make youth employable and companies in our collaborations will further provide the placement opportunities for youth.

“We provide all trainings free of cost to people willing to learn”

We are inviting volunteers and members from whole India. So if you think for the growth of our country and want to help our needy peoples so please give your valuable time and support to Avyaya welfare foundation for development of the country.

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